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About STEC
      Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. is a dedicated soft soil tunnelling firm that is listed in China's Stock Exchange,as the first stock ownership company within construction industry, also the first construction firm in China, where post-doctoral station has been set up.  
       In the light of technical superiority over the arena of tunnel building and underground project throughout its initial 20 or more years'activities, STEC has expanded its business from metro and cross-river tunnel construction gradually to the business sphere of sewerage, drainage, water-intake/discharge for power plants, pipe-laying for public works, foundation pit bracing and support, and ground engineering. After the years of nineties, last century, STEC has been involved in construction of carriageway, airport, superhighway, viaduct, interchange and high-rise building, E&M installation. Following the expansion of construction activities, product throughput has been rising year by year with profit. In 2007, STEC accomplished business revenue up to 8.577 billion yuan RMB, with net profit 193 million yuan RMB, respectively  an annual growth of 44.03% amd 54.96% as against 2006.By the end of 2007, the domestic market share by STEC in the field of super large cross-river tunnel amounting to 90%, or 100% among the market of the same category.The completed metro tunnel in Shanghai amounted to a distance of 116km, or 50.4% in the relevant market in Shanghai, in short  in a front wave riding position.
       Facing the opportunity and challenge the construciton business has to cope in the future, STEC has devised a "3+1" development strategy, which means, at the time by broadening and stiffenly engaging itself in core business of tunnelling, STEC has to be actively taking part in the business of investment and operation, TBM manufacture and engineering consultancy, among which the "Forerunner" EPBM, R%D by STEC, has been listed in as one of the State's highly preferred equipments directed by the State Development and Reformation Commission.  
       For the upcoming 5 years, STEC will continue to implement the expansion strategy on the core of urban infrastructure  by basing on its innovative effort and activating its asset, in order to realise a concorded development in the trinity of project investment and funding, playing turn key contractor role, as well as operation and service providing activities, otherwise said, to enter into the top 30 in domestic construction business, top 225 among global contractors, i.e. a major multi-discipline contractor with integrated business operation and proliferated asset manager, fully aware of international competition in a globalised market.

11.3m diameter slurry balanced shield machine
4m diameter hard rock TBM
Dalian Road Cross River Tunnel, Shanghai
Luban Award was won for Yan An Dong Lu Tunnel, Shanghai
4-lane immersed tube tunnel based on BOT financing nationwide, first of its kind in China
Element fabrication for ChangHong Tunnel
Break-in by a metro shield in Nanjing
a drainage tunnel during construction at Jiaxing
lining segment cast for metro tunnel
prefab segment under curing for metro tunnel
Cross-Huangpu sight-seeing tunnel,Shanghai
China Civil Engineering Award (ZHAN Tianyou) was first won for Metro Line 1, Shanghai
Public Works Award was won for LongYang Road Interchange, Shanghai
China's Public Works Award(Golden Cup)was won for Yan An Lu Viaduct , Shanghai
Public Works  Award was won for undersunk Plaza at JingAn Temple, Shanghai
Hyper deep and wide foundation pit excavation for the approaches to Outer Orbital Tunnel.
Smart skyscraper building of WenXin News Media
White Magnolia Award was won for Tianji Garden estate in Shanghai

News in Tunnelling
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